3 Burglers

There were three burglers. One night, they decided to make a
heist at the bank. So that evening, they put on their black
shirts, black pants, black shoes, ski masks, etc. They quietly
snuck to the bank, and broke in. Too bad the alarm went off. So,
they ran. They came to a garbage dump, and went off to find
hiding places. All three of them crept into bags, and waited.
The police finaly came to the garbage dump, and split up to look
for them. One officer came upon a burgler (hidden in the bag, of
course). “Hey, Joe!” cried the officer, “I think I found one of
’em!” So he kicked the bag to make sure. The burgler, thinking
fast, whispered “meow”. “Oh, never mind. It’s just a cat. Keep
lookin’! So, they kept looking. Another officer came to the
second burgler in a bag. Thinking fast, the burgler went “Ffft!”
So, thinking it was a cat, the officer went away. Now, the third
burgler was a tad stupid. When the officers came to him, an
officer kicked the bag. The burgler whispered, “Pootaatoooos…”