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The Lazy Dumbass

There was once a man named Joe,who was really lazy so he said to
himself”i wanna die”, so he did and up he went to heaven’s door
and knocked.God opened up.”Ah yes what the hell u want?””hi may
name is Joe and i felt i didn’t want to do anything down in
earth so i died.” “yes well if u wanna be here u have to do
something.Do you wanna clean the dishes?” “ah no” “do u wanna
make dinner?” “ah no” “then do you wanna do that thing in the
corner where you turn the handle and little kids of all kinds
come out of?” “ah sure y nott?seems easy to me.” so he began
doing that as his job,and little blonde kids,brunette’s,red
heads,americans,italian’s came out until he was fallin
asleep.Then a little black kid came out and he said”OH shit
they’re burning!!”


What’s 10 inches long and white?

Nothing. If it is ten inches long, it is black.

3kk and a black guy…

There are three kkk’s and a black guy flying over China.The
population of China is fifty-thousand. The planes engine dies so
they have to jump out of the plane. But theres only three
paracutes.One of the members say “hey i’m the pilot i should get
one”. So he gets one. Now theres only 2 left.Another member says
“hey we will give u at least a chance”.The black guys thats
cool.The member says “if u can answer three questions we will
give u a paracute”.He says “ok”.The first question is what
country are we flying over? Black man replies China. Correct.
Second question whats the population of China? He says
fiftyt-housand. Correct. The Third question is “name all of

Black Man and His Parrot

A black man walks into a bar with a parrot on his shoulder. The
bartender asks, “Hey, where did you get that from?”

The parrot replies, “There’s thousands of ’em in Africa.”

Racial Dog Name

A guy is sitting outside a pub balling his eyes out when a cop
comes up and asks what’s wrong. “My dog is trapped in side, he’s
sitting under a table surrounded by black men.” So, the cop
said, “just call him”.

The guy now crying even more said, “I can’t you call him.” The
cop said, “alright what’s the dog’s name?” Now a wreck, the guy
stuttered, “n-n-nig—“.