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I followed the tracks

Three guys went on a hunting weekend. The first day they all headed out their separate ways, but only the black haired guy had any luck.

Back at the cabin, his 2 buddies asked him how he got the deer. He said, “It was easy. I saw the tracks. I followed the tracks. I saw the deer. I shot the deer.”

The next day, they all headed out again. This time the red-head came back with a deer.

Back at the cabin, the other 2 asked him how he got the deer, to which he replied, “Well, it was just like we were told. I saw the tracks. I followed the tracks. I saw the deer. I shot the deer.”

The third day they headed out again. At the end of the day they all headed back to the cabin, but when the blond guy arrived he was all beaten and bloodied.

“What happened to YOU?” his buddies asked.

“Well,” he said, “I tried to do what you said. I saw the tracks. I followed the tracks. Train hit me!”

Blonde driving

A blonde was driving down the highway and was involved in a
wreck. When the police officer went to ask what happened she
said. All of a sudden a tree appeared in front of me and I kept
swerving and swerving to avoid it but it was still there then I
wrecked. The police officer said ma’am that is your air freshener.

The Tracks

There were 2 blondes walking in the country, they come across some tracks on the ground.
One says “I bet these are bear tracks””. The other says “”i bet they’re rabbit tracks””. They continue arguing.
Then they get hit by a train.

Their turn

Q: what is the irritating part around a blonde’s vagina?
A1: the blonde!
A2: the other guys waiting their turn.

The Lie Detector Test

A blonde goes to a lie detector test where instead of it beeping it makes them explode.When she gets there she meets a red haired girl and a brown haired girl.The red haired girl goes first.She says i’m the prettiest girl in the world.She explodes.Next went the brown haired girl.She says i’m the sexiest girl in the world.She explodes.Finally the blonde goes.She says I think.She explodes.

3 women

there’s 3 women,a brown,a red,and a blonde.
they have all been captured and are getting ready to die.So the
people who has captured them have tied them up to a chair and
are getting ready to shoot them,the brown is first,being the
smartest,she has to come up with a plan really quick.The people
are getting ready to shoot her,
the people:ready,aim,
the brown:tornado,
so everybody runs for cover,ofcourse the brown gets away.
the next day,they are getting ready to shoot the red.She’s got
the plan down,she’ll do everything the brown did. They set her
down in the chair,tie her up.etc.,Now there getting ready to
shoot her.
The people:ready,aim,
The red:earthquake!!
everybody again,runs for cover and the red gets away.the next
day comes.Time for the blonde to die,she’s got the plan down they set her in the chair,etc.
the people:ready,aim,
the blonde:fire!
{that’s how the blondes get there name.}

What the #!@*

Q.a blond was doing work on her boyfriends computer after she had finshed her boyfriend got home to find wite out on the computer why is this
A.she didnt no there was a back space button