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John Bobbit’s Dick

Lorraina Bobbit was really very upset at the actions of her
husband so she cut off his penis. Below is the part of the story
that you may not have heard yet….

After she cut his dick off, she left the house with his cock in
hand. She got in her car and headed down the highway. Realizing
what she had done, and realizing that she still had the swollen
bloody cock of her husband in her hand, she tossed it out the

The penis flew out and was taken by the wind. It hit the
windshield of the truck that was behind her. Inside the truck,
there were two rednecks that were in from a hunting trip. As the
cock hit the window one turns to the other and says, “Hey Billy
Ray…” “What Cletus?” “You see the size o’ the dick on that