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You’re Going to Cut Yourself!

This man had a cage in his bathroom with his pet parrot in it.
One day he was shaving and the parrot said, “You’re going to cut
yourself!” The man said, “No I’m not.”

He kept on shaving. A few minutes later the parrot said, “You’re
going to cut yourself,” The man said, “No, I’m not! So shut up
and if you say that again I’m going to throw you across the

He continued to shave. After a little while parrot said once
again, “You’re going to cut yourself!” So the man reached over
and threw the parrot across the room and landed in the toilet.

A little bit later the man’s wife went to use the bathroom. When
she sat down on the toilet, the parrot exclaimed, “Oh what a big
cut you have!”

Catholic Boy wants a Bicycle

There once was a catholic boy who lived in a neighborhood where
every boy had a bicyle. The boy really wanted a bicycle so he
went to his mother and said, “Mom every boy in our neighborhood
has a bicycle so will you buy me one?” his mother looked at him
and said “John ask your father but I don’t think we have the
money for one.” Son the boy went and asked his father “Dad every
boy in our neighborhood has a bicycle so will you buy me one?”
his dad said “John we don’t have enough money for one right now
ask God.” So the boy went to his room and started writing a
letter to God. Dear God, Every boy in my neighborhood has a bike
and.. No that won’t work he said So he started over. Dear God, I
really need a Bicycle.. no that won’t work.
He sat in is room thinking until finally he got an idea. he went
to his living room and carefully picked up their statue of
mother mary and took it to his room and gently wrapped it in a
sheet and opened his dresser drawer and very gently set the
statue in it and closed the drawer. After that he started
writing “Dear God, If you ever want to see your mother again…”