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Yo momma

your momma’s like a toilet fat,ugly, smells like shit and gets used 24/7

yo moma’s like a match always gets hot
your momma’s so fat that when she got on the back of a bus it pulled its front wheels up

your momma’s so hairy it looks like shes got bob marley in a headlock

your momma’s like a bedsheet always gets laid

your moma’s like a bowling ball gets fingered goes down the ale and comes back for more

your moma’s so fat she makes the whales jealous

your momma’s so ugly she makes michael jackson luk like jenifer lopez

your moma’s so fat she makes the whales luk like a tic tac

your moma’s seen more pricks than akiu puncture

Central Heat

Your mama is so stupid when a robber tried to burn your house down, she
said, “Clap your hands, stamp your feet, praise the Lord for central heat!”