Chinese Girlfriend

A man lets call him bob was going out with a chinese
girl named Ping. Ping couldnt speak a word of english
and anyway one night Bob was fucking Ping shouted out “HARGER”
bob thought this meant harder so he started fucking her harder.
Again she shouted out “HARGER” bob was surprized and started
fucking her harder again. Now ping was roaring “HARGER”
“HARGER” “HARGER!!!!”. Bob fucked her with all his might and
when he reached his orgasm she again shouted “HARGER”. she
looked very angry and rolled over and went to sleep.
The next morning Bob was playing golf with ping’s brother
Pong (who could speak english). Bob teed off but made a mess of
his shot and hit it way off target. Pong said “HARGER”. Bob
asked Pong what this meant and Pong said “Wrong Hole”.