Deductive Reasoning

Neighbor 1: “Hi, there, new neighbor, it sure is a nice day to
be moving”

New Neighbor: “Yes, it is and people around here seem extremely

Neighbor 1: “So what is it you do for a living?”

New Neighbor: “I am a professor at the University, I teach
deductive reasoning”

Neighbor 1: “Deductive reasoning, what is that?

“New Neighbor: “Let me give you and example. I see you have a
dog house out back. By that I deduce that you have a dog.”

Neighbor 1: “That is right”

New Neighbor: “The fact that you have a dog, Leads me to deduce
that you have a family.

Neighbor 1: “Right again”

New Neighbor: “Since you have a family I deduce that you have a

Neighbor 1: “Correct”

New Neighbor: “And since you have a wife, I can deduce that you
are heterosexual”

Neighbor 1: “Yup”

New Neighbor: “That is deductive reasoning”

Neighbor 1: “Cool”

Later that same day

Neighbor 1: “Hey, I was talking to that new guy who moved in
next door”

Neighbor 2: “Is he a nice guy?”

Neighbor 1: “Yes, and he has an interesting job”

Neighbor 2: “Oh, yeah what does he do?”

Neighbor 1: “He is a professor of deductive reasoning at the

Neighbor 2: “Deductive reasoning, what is that”

Neighbor 1: “Let me give you an example. Do you have a dog

Neighbor 2: “No”

Neighbor 1: “You must be gay!”