Dirty Wal

One day little Bill’s parets were having a party. The family
was very busy so his mom told him to go play outside, but DON’T
go anywhere near the Dirty Wall. Bill goes to play and goes to
the dirty wall, disobeying his mother. While at the wall he
sees the word “shit” so he goes back to his house and asks his
brother Matt what the word meant,” er….um… the word
means…ummm…. food, yes food, shit means food.” says his 19
year old brother, so he says ok bye and goes back to the wall.
now he sees the word “assholes” so he goes home and asks is
sister Kirsty what assholes meant, ” umm…it means…um…
people, ya thats it people, but if anyone asks i never told you”
so he says ok and goes back to the wall, he sees “fucking” so he
asks his cousin, what does fucking mean, his cousin goes baserk,
but says ” umm u shouldnt know this but umm, lets just say it
means getting ready, yes it means GETTING READY! he says okay
and right when he was gonna go back to the dirty wall for the
fourth time the guests arive, his mom, yelling from upstairs,
tells him to open the door, and he says,” Hello assholes, my
name is Bill your probably coming for the party, well my mom and
dad are upstairs fucking but they’ll be down here in a few
minutes cause they’ve been up there for hours! Anyway there’s
some really good shit on the table that my mom made before she
started fucking with my dad that you can eat and they’ll be down
any minute now.”