There once was a giant who lived at the top of a big mountain.
His favorate thing to do was to kick trids (short people) from
the village down the mountain. After a while, the mayor of the
village went to talk to him. “Excuse me Mr. Giant. Us trids in
the village feel that you could maybe find a different hobby
less painful to us trids.” “No way! It’s sooo fun! To see the
little trids roll down the mountain, it’s a blast!” And he
kicked the mayor down the mountain.

The trids are shocked but the send a priest up to the giant
thinking he won’t kick a man of god. So after the same
discussion, the giant kicked the priest down the mountain.

After a week or so, they concluded that the giant must be Jewish
if he would dare to kick a priest down the mountain. So up went
a rabbi. “Excuse me, Giant, but the trids don’t like you kicking
them doen the mountain. You need to find yourself a different
hobby to do!” “But when I kick them down, they roll and it’s
hillarious!” “Ok. So there’s nothing at all I can say or do to
make you change your mind?” “Nope, there isn’t.” “OK. I guess
you can kick me now.” “What? Silly Rabbi, kicks are for trids!”