Honk Honk

An old man that was married to a rather beautiful young girl was
so old that he could not maintain an erection. The girl,
demanding sex, suggested that he go to his doctor and see what
he could do.

The old man went to his doctor and sure enough the doctor had a
solution. He had a very expensive shot that could make him have
an erection. All he had to do was say “honk” to have an erection
and “honk honk” to make it go down. But he could only use it
three times both ways.

When the old man got back to his limo he was rather curious.
Knowing that he wouldn’t have to use it that much longer because
he was getting old enough and closer to his final resting place,
he said “honk” and it went up. He then said “honk honk” and it
went down.

Rather anxious to show his young beautiful wife he got out of
the car and proceeded to his mansion. Then suddenly a car honked
it’s horn and it went up, another car honked twice and it went

Worried because he only had one more time to use it he tried run
to his mansion. He finally got to his room where she was
waiting. He tore off his clothes then hers and said honk.

Curious, his wife asked, “What’s with all this honk honk crap?”