This guy was playing a round of golf on his favorite golf course. On the
sixth he hit the ball out of bounds into a wooded area. As he searched for
the ball he saw a leprechaun sitting down holding his head, the ball had
hit him on the groin. He went over to the leprechaun and asked him if he
was ok.

The leprechaun looked at him and said, “Ok you’ve got me, I know you want
wishes, what are they?”

The man said that he didn’t want any wishes and that he just wanted to
make sure that he was ok. The leprechaun said that he was okay and walked
away surprised. The man picked up his ball and went about continuing his

Later that day the leprechaun was thinking about what had happened and
said to himself what a nice guy and that he would give him wishes anyway.
He said to himself, “I will give him what any man wants: lots of money, a
great golf game and a great sex life.”

A year later the guy was playing the same golf course and played the exact
same shot at the same hole. As he looked for the ball he had hit the
leprechaun again. He said sorry and the leprechaun remembered him. The
leprechaun asked him if anything had changed in the past year.

“How are things financially?” the leprechaun asked. “Great,” said the guy,
“I always seem to have lots of money.”

“How about the golf?” “Incredible,” said the guy, “I haven’t been over par
since I met you last.”

“And what about the sex life, are you getting enough?” The guy looked
around sheepishly, “As a matter a fact, I must be getting laid at least
once a week.”

The leprechaun looked surprised and asked, “Is that all?”

“It’s not bad for a priest in a small village.” the guy replied.