messy divorce

A man had recently gone through a messy divorce to his wife of 10 years. Part of the settlement was that for every dollar he made, she would get 2/3 of it. If he made $300, she would get $200 and he would get $100. So, she would always get twice as much as he did.One day on a jog, he found a corked bottle lying on the ground, and of course, when he rubbed on it to try to clean it off, a genie came out.’You know the drill,’ said the genie. ‘You get three wishes, but be aware that for everything you wish for, you ex-wife gets twice as much. That was in your settlement and I am obligated to stick to that.”Yea, OK,’ said the man. ‘For my first wish, I want a million dollars.”Done,’ said the genie. ‘But now your wife has 2 million.”I know, I know…’ said the man. ‘Now I wish for a mansion and a matching sports car in the garage.”Done,’ said the genie. ‘But now your wife has a mansion twice your size and two matching sports cars in the garage.”I know, I know…’ said the man. ‘Now, for my last wish, I want you to beat me half to death.’