New Minister

There was a young man who had just complete his schooling to
become a minister. He had went back to his home town and went to
his pastor and ask if he could deliver the message that Sunday.
The minister agreed.

Sunday morning the young man went to his pastor and said he was
too nervous to preach. The priest took him in the kitchen and
pored him some clear whiskey. The man took a drink and refilled
his glass. The priest told him to take it out and set it on the
pulpet. It would calm his nerves and it was clear so the
congregation would think it was water.

The young man did exactly what the priest said. After the
service and everyone had left the young minister asked the
priest how he did. The priest said fine but we must get three
things straight. Mother Mary is not Big Mama. The Holy Ghost
isn’t the Spook from Hell And they crucified Jesus they didn’t
just nail his ass to a tree.