Nun Named Bob

There was a nun that needed a ride so she waved down a taxi. The
driver pulled up and took the nun where she needed to go. During
the ride the man said to the nun, “You’re pretty hot, for a

The nun thanked the man by asking him if he’d like to have sex
with her. He agreed and the nun said, “only under one condition,
you mustn’t be married, you mustn’t have kids, and it must be
anal sex!” So the two people got out and had anal sex for hours
and did not stop for anything (once you pop the fun don’t
stop… til one of you gets tired!) After they were sweaty
enough, they got in the cab and continued driving!

The man got very guilty and told the nun that he was married and
had two kids! The nun said, “That’s ok because my name is Bob
and I’m on my way to a costume party!”