President Bush and Taliban Leader

Bush went to Afganistan to discuss peace agreements. While he
was in the Room The Taliban leader presses a button and a Fist
comes out and puches him. He begans to laugh and Bush is
annoyed. Then as the began talking he presses another button and
a fist comes out and punches his balls. This really gets on his
nerves so he leaves. The talaban leader is laughing his ass off.
Two months latter Bush calls for a peace agreement woth
Afganistans leader. AS they are in the oval office Bush presses
a button and the Taliban leader ducks but nothing happend Bush
is laughing his head off. when the began talking again push
presses the button again and the T leader covers his balls
nothing happend bush is laughing so hard he is read. The T
leader says I’m going back to Afganistan Bush replies what