Purple Blurple

One day while Jonny was in class, his friend dared him to ask
what a purple blurple is. So Jonny raised his hand and the
teacher called on him, cuz everyone knows Jonny. Jonny asked,
“Whats a purple blurple?”

“Jonny! How dare you ask such a horrible question! I’m taking
you to the principal’s office!” The teacher screamed. So she
took Jonny to the principal’s office and threw him on the
waiting couch. When it was Jonny’s turn, the principal said,
“Come in Jonny, did your teacher have you come down to give me
some thing or tell me something?” Cuz everyone knows Jonny.
Jonny steeped in and said, “Well, all I did was ask the teacher
what a purple blurple is…” “Jonny! Take your things and
leave school, never come back!” the principal raged. So Jonny
left school and went home to his house. He knocked on the door
and his mother answered.

“Why hi Jonny, whats up? Why are you home early?”His mother
asked. “Well, my teacher sent me to the principal’s office and
the principal sent me home!”Jonny explained. “Why…did that
happen?”His mother asked. “Cuz all I did was ask what a purple
blurple is!”

“Jonny! Go up to your room and have your father deal with you
once he gets home!”She yelled. So Jonny went up to his room and
waited for three hours when he heard a knock. “Come in,” Jonny
said. Jonny’s father entered and said, “Jonny why is your
mother so upset?” Jonny replied, “Well, my teacher sent me up
to the principal’s office, who sent me home, then mom sent me up
to my room and that’s it!” “Why did all this happen?” Jonny’s
father asked. “Cuz I asked what a purple blurple is.”

“Jonny! Pack your bags! I want you out of this house in ten
minutes!!” His father screamed. So Jonny packed what was
important and that he could carry and walked out the door. He
was walking down the street when Bob the cab driver came. “Hi
Jonny!” Cuz everyone knows Jonny. “What’s with all the luggage?
Why don’t I give you a ride and you can explain.” So Jonny
Climbed into the cab and started, “My teacher sent me to the
principal’s office…the airport please…and the principal sent
me home and my mom sent me to my room and my dad threw me out of
the house!” “And why did that happen? What did you do?” Bob
asked. “All I did was ask what a purple blurple was.” he

“Jonny! Get out of this cab!” Bob yelled as he slammed onthe
breaks. Jonny got out of the cab and took his luggage. By this
time Jonny was only 100 feet away from the airport so he walked
the rest of the way. He had no money so he slid in a corner and
slept there.

A flight attendant found him in the morning, “Hi Jonny!” Cuz
everyone knows Jonny. “Why are you in a corner in the airport.”
“It’s a realy long story, I was kicked out of my house.” Jonny
summarised. “Ohhh, that’s horrible, how about we give you a
free trip to anywhere.” So, Jonny went on a jet to anywhere and
everywhere. The pilot greeted him, “Hi Jonny!” Cuz everyone
knows Jonny. “What brings you here?” Jonny explained all that
had happened. “Why?” Is all the pilot had to ask. “All I did
was ask what a purple blurple was!” The pilot got a parachute
on Jonny and threw him out the door. Jonny landed next to the
president of Amierica.

“Hi Jonny!” Cuz everyone knows Jonny. “What brings you to
Rome?” Jonny explained what happened.”…And then the pilot
threw me out the window!” “Well, that’s quite an interesting
story. Why did, ah, that happen?” the president asked. “Well,
all I asked was what a purple blurple is!”

“Jonny! What an inappropriate question! You need to go talk to
the Pope!!” So, the president takes Jonny over to the Pope.
“Hi Jonny!” Cuz everyone knows Jonny. “Tell me your story.”
Jonny explained everything to the Pope. “But, why, my son?” “I
asked what a purple Blurple is.”

“Jonny! I need you to go talk to my councelor, he overheard
everything, just go talk with him.” So, Jonny stepped over to
the councelor. “Hi Jonny!” Cuz everyone knows Jonny. “I know
your story, let’s cross the street and get some ice cream and
talk this over.” So the councelor walked across the street and
motioned Jonny to do so. Jony was hit by a car.

What’s the Moral of this story?(scroll down)

Answer:Look both ways before crossing the street!