Purple Passion

One day a teacher had each student tell the rest of the class
what their favorite color was. The last child she asked was a
boy named Danny. “What’s your favorite color Danny?”
“Purple passion,” he replied.
the teacher yelled, “Go to the principals office right now
young man.”
The principal asked him, “What did you do Danny?”
“All I said was that I liked purple passion and-“
“You are supended from this school forever!” the principal
The boy walked home. When he got there his mom asked, “What’s
wrong hon?”
“I said I liked purple passion-“
“Go up to your room and stay there. Your dad will have a talk
with you when he gets back from work,” the mom said sternly. So
the boy walked up the stairs to his room.
When his dad got home he went up to Danny’s room and said,
“What did you do son?”
“I told mom I liked purple passion and then-“
“Young man, I dissown you,” The father yelled as he kicked his
Danny out of the house.
Danny walked down the street and he met up with George Bush,
Bush said to him, “What’s wrong little boy?”
“I said I liked purple passion and-“
Danny got on a plane to South America. On the plane a
stewardess asked him, “Hey sweety, what’s with the water works?”
“Well,” Danny said, “I said I liked purple passion and-“
“Go see the pilot right now,” the stewardess said as her face
turned beat red with anger.
Danny walked into the cabin and the pilot said, “What’s up?”
Danny whined, “I said I liked purple passion-“
“Don’t you ever ride one of our planes again!” the pilot
yelled as he slammed a paraschute onto Danny and kicked him out
of the plane.
Danny landed in Mexico. He took off the parachute, sat down
on the sidewalk, and began to cry. An old lady walked up to him
and said, “Hello darling. Could I trouble you to ask what’s
“I said I liked purple passion and now everyone hates me,”
Danny sobbed.
“I know someone who can help you,” the old lady said. “he live
in the house across the street.” As Danny crossed the road he
was run over by a truck. What is the moral of this story?

Look both ways before crossing the street.