There was once three men caught by an army and and they were
going to get they’re head shot off. The first man stands in
front of the army and sees them all with guns in they’re hand.
He sees and here the cheif yell “Ready…..aim….” then quicly
the first man yells “tornado!” and the army and the cheif duck
for cover, while the first man laughes and escapes from them.
Then the second man goes and says his last words. He hears the
cheif yell out “Ready…..aim….” And quickly the man yells
out ” Hurricane!” and the army and cheif duck for cover while
the second man escapes from them. Then the third man walks up
in front of them and waits for the chief to say his words. The
cheif says “Ready….aim..and..”
the third man yells “Fire!”