(From a website of English slogans on Japanese products. Don’t know how true they are. Still worth a laugh, though…)1. “Whenever and everywhere, we can meet our best friend – nature. Take a grip of steering!” (Nissan SUV)2. “When I think about the life in my own way, I need gentle conversations.” (Happy Bun Bun Candy)3. “We introduce you to the ‘Zokki Support System’ Sabrina. She’ll be one your closest friends, and this one will last. Slip on. You feel it. Watch out when you step out with Sabrina. (Sabrina Panty Hose)4. “This product is made from real duck down. Duck do wear the light and warm duck down.” (Down Jacket Aburaysia)5. “Moistens your body rapidly and softens your soul gently. Postonic is life us all.” (Postonic Bottled Water)6. “…with tasty aroma for refined adults.” (Wonda Coffee)7. “Relieve the relief and listen to the angel’s whisper.” (Angel Relief Chocolate and Biscuit)8. “For those who do not have enough time to brush their teeth.” (No Time Chewing Gum)=====