The blonde and the news

One night at a bar, there was a Blonde and a Brunette sipping a beer and watching the news. As they kept watching they saw a older woman standing on the side of a mountain, so the brunette thinks in her head (blondes are stupid, i can trick her) so the brunette looks at the blonde and says……”.I bet you 20 dollars that woman jumps off that mountain”. So the blonde thinks for a second and then agrees on the bet. Sure enough about 1 minute later the woman dives off the mountian. As the blonde was pulling her 20 dollars out of her pocket the brunette looks at her and says…i am not going to do that to you, i watched the news eirler this morning and i saw the woman jump, then the blonde replies well i wathced it earlier to but hell i didnt know the stupid woman was going to jump again!!!!