The preist and Golfer

A preist and a golfer are both members of the City Golf club.
One Saturday they go there to play against each other. They get
to the 8th hole of a 10 hole pitch and the preist is winning.

So the golfer needs to get the next 1 under par.

The golfer hits the ball and misses. So he shouted, “God damn
it, missed the bugger”.
The preist says ,”If you say that one more time, god will open
up the heavens and strike you dead with a lightning bolt.

On the 10th hole the golfer hit the ball and misses. So he
shouted again, “God damn it, missed the bugger.”

So sure enough God opened up the heavens and sent down a
lightning bolt and struck the preist dead.

God said, “God damn it, missed the bugger.