This Is For The Bills

Four football fanactics decided to go rock climbing one day. One
was a Dallas Cowboys fan. One was a Denver Broncos fan. One was
a Miami Dolphins fan. And the other was a Buffalo Bills fan.
They all thought they were the biggest fans and they wanted to
prove it.

The four men started their journey up the cliff. While they were
about half way up the Dallas Cowboys fan yelled, “This is for
the Dallas Cowboys”, and he jumped off the cliff and died.

The Denver Broncos fan was not to be out done by the Cowboys fan
so he said, “This is for the Denver Broncos”, and he too jumped
off the cliff and died.

The other two fans finaly reached the top of the cliff. Then the
Buffalo Bills fan said, “This is for the Buffalo Bills”, and
without hesitating he shoved the Miami Dolphins fan off the