Up Your Ass

So three guys were in the jungle and were captured by a wild
When they get to the camp, the chief says,”We will let u live,
if u can do a task. if u fail, we will kill u. The first thing u
need to do is get 10 of a kind of fruit. any fruit. then come c

so the first guy comes back with 10 apples, and the chief
says,”now shove them all up ur ass without making a sound.” so
the guy gets to the 3rd apple and he grunts. so they kill him,
and he floats up to heavon.

now the 2nd guy comes back with 10 grapes and the chief says the
same thing. so the guy gets in 9 grapes. Then he suddenly bursts
out laughing. so they kill him too and he goes up to heavon.

when he gets up there the first guy asked,”y’d u start laughing,
u almost made it.” and the second guy says,”I would have. but i
laughed when i saw the other guy coming back with pineapples.”