this girl went on a matchmaking website, and put an ad there.
after a week, three people had responded. so she told them her
address and gave each a time to stop by at her house. they had to
tell her the most interesting thing that happened to them this
week, and the one with the most interesting one is the person
she would go out with. so the next day the first guy showed up
while she was in the shower so she put on a towel and asked “so
what’s up?”. the
guy responded “my dog had puppies!”. she gave him a look and
slammed the door in his face. when the next guy arrived, she got
out of the shower put on the towel, and went out.she asked him
the same question that she asked the first guy. this person
resonded”i won a thousand dollars”! “Cool” was all she said, and
closed the door. when the last person arrived, she was still in
the shower. as she was about to put on the towel,she remebered
the guy was blind.”whats the use of a towel”?, she thought. as
she opened the door he was wearing dark sunglasses(the ones
where you can’t see out of them). she asked him the question,
and he said” well i just got back from the docter, and… I CAN
SEE!!!!”. he yanked off the glasses and he immediatly got a