Yum…. cupcakes!

One day 7 year old David and his parents decided to go to the park with Grandma Jane. They were having a great time running and playing together. Then David saw a couple making out very very passionatly, so David asked “Mom, Dad, what are they doing?” While David asked the question Mom and Dad were getting alittle frisky themselves and said “Oh hunny they are getting ready to make cupcakes.”

“Oh okay.” said David After he asked the question he ran off and played. “Grandma Jane? Could you watch David for us? We wanna…. go make cupcakes.” said Mom giggling.

“Sure, said Grandma Jane, “have fun”
“Oh we will.” said Dad as they walked to the car. Grandma Jane sat down and fell asleep right away.(Shes known for that) David saw his mommy and daddy leaving and ran to the car with no one noticing him.

About 2 hours after Mom and Dad made their “cupcakes” they heard a noise in the living room, they went in the room to see what it was and it was David. “David? What are you doing here?!” said Mom
“Nothin… just watching you guys making cupcakes.” said David
“(gasp) You did?” asked Dad
“Yeah and I licked the frosting off the couch.” said David with a big smile.